About us

About us

You are welcome here:

Glory Fire Church is a loving welcoming family where people from all backgrounds find a home. The love and word of God is here and will transform you and bring blessing and prosperity in your life. We have the supernatural power of God that will touch you, heal you and bring great freedom to you. This is for everyone.

OUR VISIONEvangelise - Affirm - Disciple - Send

OUR Mission Statement:

We are living to see our world impacted by


Lives made whole, families restored and the transformation of society as the reign of King Jesus extends.


The Gospel is not to be in word only but in a demonstration of the Spirit and of power. Supernatural healing, miracles, signs and wonders should accompany the gospel so that people's faith gets built on the power and love of God, not on the wisdom, traditions and philosophies of man.


'Glory' means majesty, splendour, weightiness. Let King Jesus have His place in the church and His presence will bring many into healing, dignity and honour as people discover the very reason they were created: to worship God in Spirit and in truth!

Our Aims:

To evangelise, affirm, disciple and send.


To bring the astounding good news of Jesus Christ to all, in respect, love, grace and truth, backed by demonstrations of the Spirit and power.

To help build people into a real relationship with God as their Father and into His community - the Church.

To help people discover their God-given purpose, destiny, ministry and gifts for both the marketplace and within the church. We will equip you!

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Glory Fire Church, Curtis House Business Centre, 4 Berking Avenue, Leeds, UK. LS9 9LF.


Charities Commission UK Registration Number: 1152492 (c) 2019 by Glory Fire Church, Leeds, UK