The power of God is present here to heal, deliver, set you free, and bring transformation into your life.

Read below examples of the miraculous testimonies happening all the time at Glory Fire Church.


Come and visit us to receive prayer this is totally free and for everyone!

Healing during Sunday Services
Healing during Sunday Services

God healed me from Crons disease and severe arthritis.

For more than 10 years I suffered from severe migraines which I would have multiple times a week, then one day at Glory Fire Church God healed me. I haven’t had a migraine since.

We were struggling to get pregnant. After receiving prayer we now have miracle triplets!

On my very first visit to Glory Fire Church I received healing prayer and I have not arthritis in my ankle since.

We were believing God for money to travel to Zambia. On the cut-off week we had decided if the last £1000 needed, didn't come through then only one of us could go. That was on the Monday knowing that on the Friday we had to buy tickets. Then on the Friday a cheque came in the post for £1800 totally unexpected. We bought our tickets that Friday!

I have been delivered, healed and set free by the blood of Jesus for the following:


Severe back problems, Suicide, 15 years of Alcohol addiction (I should by medical standards be dead now), rejection, depression & fear, gout, cellulitis, friebergs, IBS, child abuse, rape, abortion, lesbianism, pornography, sexual immorality.


As you can see my life wasn’t just a car crash it was a multi car motorway pile up!


I was lost but now I’m found.


Praise God.

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