Here's some tips how to do it:

  • Plan/timetable your time for slots of prayer.  May not sound spontaneous but it makes prayer happen.  It is being deliberate and intentional.

  • Go to bed that bit earlier so as to get up 30mins earlier.

  • Get 15/20mins on an afternoon.

  • Another timeslot on an evening.

  • Couples:  Try to pray together, even for a short time everyday and also work together to plan juggling domestic arrangements/kids etc so one of you can go and pray.

  • Get good rest/sufficient sleep.

Some tips on how to pray

  • FIRST - minister to the Lord for like 2/3's of your time (no requests) - Royal Protocol.

  • Declare His praises (singing about Him)

  • Sing direct praises to Him

  • When His tangible presence manifests - then worship Him.

  • As His presence increases, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and intercede through you.

  • Pray/sing in new tongues.

  • Ask Holy Spirit to form prayers within you

  • Release and decree those prayers.

Prayer points

  • Pray for those in authority:  Pray for PM Boris Johnson and for the cabinet, pleading the blood of Jesus over them.

  • Pray for president Donald Trump and for those around him (The USA is in a critical year  events there will have a big impact on the world).

  • Pray that our nation will not be locked down, declare it open.

  • Declare our divorce and separation from the anti-Christ spirit in the EU institution.

  • Bind and loose in regards to fake news/fear/hype

  • Bind and loose in regards to forces that wish to detablise our nation, bring it down.

  • Pray over the financial markets/economy, our industries and over the airlines and transport infrastructure.

  • Pray that plagues / virus' turn to dust.

  • Pray for the true church to arise, for freedom of assembly to be maintained so the gospel can still progress.

  • Pray for Glory Fire Church

  • Pray for the move of God and revival to arise from the UK to Europe and to the world.

  • Pray different verses from Ps 91 during your prayer times.

  • Finish by praising God and declaring the blood of Jesus over yourself and your family.

Download our Prayer and Fasting Help Sheet here

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