watch our church WALKTHROUGH:


1) Maintain Social Distances at all times.

2) Wear a mask.

3) If you have symptoms of Covid-19, or feel unwell please stay at home.

4) Have your temperature check before entering.

5) Sit 2 chairs apart or stay in family groups (watch video).


6) Use hand sanitiser stations when entering and exiting the building.


7) When leaving and entering each room use hand sanitiser.


8) In the toilets: 

    - use sanitiser before and after entering the toilets and cubicles

    - wipe toilet seats and cubical door handles with anti-bac wipes (provided in each cubicle) and     dispose of in bins provided

    - use paper towels to dry hands and dispose of in bins provided


9) There is no children’s church provision until further notice. You must keep your children close to you.


10) Place rubbish in lidless bins provided.

We sanitise hard surfaces such as door handles before during and after the services.

Your safety is our priority

how to wear a mask:

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